Prenota Massaggi Trieste

The massages that I offer in my studio follow a personalized approach.

On the day of the appointment, time is dedicated to understanding the client’s characteristics, needs and expectations, selecting techniques from different styles, with the aim of creating a tailor-made massage that combines the benefits of an effective treatment with those of a pleasant experience.

The main massage requests are:

A massage that involves careful and delicate maneuvers that warm the body and stimulate circulation, relieving stress and providing a sense of psychophysical relaxation

• 45 minutes massage: 45 €
• 60 minutes massage: 55 €
• 90 minutes massage: 85 €

A vigorous and deep massage, which aims to dissolve muscle tensions, in order to relieve the sensation of stiffness and daily fatigue.

• 45 minutes massage: 45 €
• 60 minutes massage: 55 €

Massage that through specific maneuvers activates the blood and lymphatic system, reducing swelling and giving a sense of lightness to the legs and body.

• 45 minutes massage: 45 €
• 60 minutes massage: 55 €

This massage allows you to combine and meet different needs; or leave total freedom to the masseur who, based on his own experience and the sensations perceived, creates a tailor-made treatment.

• 45 minutes massage: 45 €
• 60 minutes massage: 55 €


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