Self produced natural oils only, are used during the massage. The oils are made with mixtures of natural plant based vector oils and essential oils. When possible some are purchased from small local producers who guarantee their quality and freshness. These products are easily recognized by our skin, then absorbed as nourishment, leaving it hydrated and smooth at the end of the massage.

None of the used products contain silicone or paraffin, which often serve to facilitate the masseur’s work by remaining on the surface, but leave the client with a rubbery sensation that also clogs the pores of the skin.

The oils used during the massage have been designed to emphasize the beneficial effects of the various types of massages offered.

The main Oils are:

Relaxing Oil

Oil designed to be combined expecially with the Relaxing Massage, suitable for moisturizing all skin types, contains essences that bring balance and calm.

It contains:

  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Local Lavender Essential Oil

Warming Oil

Oil designed to be used expecially during the Deep Tissue Massage, thanks to its ability to warm up the muscles and stimulate circulation.

It contains:

  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Local Juniper Essential Oil
  • Camphor Essential Oil

Almond Oil alternatives:

In addition to the listed oils, other natural products are also used in case of specific needs. For example, the same blends are also available with coconut oil as an alternative for those with allergies to almonds.


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